Yury Pronin

Russian composer in Chile

Yury Pronin

Professor  YURY   PRONIN  

Composer, professional musician
qualified in «GNESSINS» Conservatory(Moscow, RUSSIA)  

 Personal data:  

 Birth date:        September 2, 1938.  Saint-Petersburg  ( Leningrad )     

Citizenship:       Russian and Chilean (two independent citizenship) 

Telephone:        (56)(45)484914, (56) 98 9457508 ( Chile )

 E- mail:            yupron38@gmail.com     yupronin@hotmail.com 

 WEB page:           http://www.free-scores.com/Download-PDF-Sheet-Music-yury-pronin.htm 

Academic data:


 1946 - 1953 Piano studies  at the special   music  school in  Stupino (district of Moscow ).

 1953 - 1958 Studies at the "Gnessins" Conservatory in  Moscow musical theory and composition specialities.  Obtains the title (degree certificate) of teacher and  composer under the direction of the master Mr. Dimitri  Shostakovich.

Post degree:                                         

1958 - 1962 Composition studies at the "Gnessins" Musical  Academy .                                                     

Work experience:        

 Since 1955 piano player in a jazz big band in Moscow .

 1957 - 1962 Piano player in  instrumental groups in the state enterprise "MOMA" (union of the musical groups in Moscow )                                             

1962 - .A pause of the professional activity because of obligatory military serve, where it undergoes an intense ideological and administrative pressure for being the political dissident (antisoviet). After military serve, it was during 20 years under permanent monitoring from the famous “KGB” (Service of Defenza of State), even tapeworm two years of political prison in jail and later exile in the North end of Russia .

1970 - 1984 Director of the Estrada orchestra; director and piano player of instrumental groups for accompaniment to the "stars" of the popular music in the following state enterprises: Mosconcert ( Moscow concerts enterprise), Rosconcert ( Russian Federation concerts enterprise) and Souzgocircus ( State union of the USSR circus). Director and piano player of many Philarmonics in the following cities: Moscow , Tula , Kalinin , Elista (Kalmikia), Petrosavodsk ( Karelia ),Sujumi (Georgia), and others. Also he made compositions  and arrangements for  orchestras, choirs and different vocal and instrumental groups.

Since 1984 he works independently. Compose and arrange music for orchestra, groups, soloists and for pictures, abig part of it for The Central Gosteleradio in Moscow (The main TV and radio state enterprise in the USSR ).

In 1992 he emigrated to Chile where he teaches at the musical departament of the University of  La Serena . He teaches in the harmony, creation  and instrumental laboratory courses. In the same institution he foundes a big band orchestra and the jazz laboratory.
In 1993-1996 he worked in the International Silent Movies Festivalat La Serena town ( Chile ) as a piano player (animation).
 In 1998 - he teaches at the Private Conservatory in Santiago («Instituto de  Musica de Santiago ») where he teaches in the  harmony, counterpoint, composition and piano courses.          
 In 2002:  It returns to Russia . It continues working like composer. 

 In 2006:  He returns to Chile evolving like Professor of the Conservatory of the Catholic University of Temuco. 

Artistic production: (the important works only):

- Opera-ballet-cantata “Patria Mia” (chilean national)

- Symphony in slight style for Cords, Flauta, Arpha and Percusia 

- Concert for violoncello and symphony orchestra

- Sinfonietta for camera orchestra 

- “Euskadi” Basque fantasy for symphony orchestra.

- Suite for strings quartet

- Sonata for piano    

- Ballet  “Giant  Roach”   (based  on  poem of  Korney  Chukovsky)

- Ballet "New Suit of the King" based on the story of  Hans Christian Andersen                          

- Suite from ballet “Giant Roach” (version for orchestra and for piano)

- Vocal cycle for soloists, mixed choir and symphony orchestra, based on poems of Afanasio FETH  (Russian classic  poet).

  And  others.                        

Multiples orchestral, instrumental and vocal pieces. Music for Theater, Cinema, Circus, Folksongs, multiples arrangements and transcriptions of different instrumental and vocal sorts.                      

It’s member of “Union of Composers of Russia ” and ANC (National Association of Composers of Chile ). Copyright © Yury Pronin, RAO Moscow , Bolshaya Bronnaya 6a, Moscow , RUSSIA . 

 All  Right reserved.

Is recognized as high-level professional composer in several countries of America, Europe and Asia